St andrew's united reformed church, Sheffield

Welcome to our website. We are a lively congregation of all ages welcoming visitors from many parts of the world.

We worship on Sundays at 10.45am.

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Upper Hanover St. S3 7RQ

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We welcome communities from around the world for worship, support projects and gatherings.


People from the community come together for a healthy lunch cooked and served by volunteers here at the Church


We are a Christian church, but welcome all faiths for worship and celebration as we work towards a stronger community


We are a lively congregation of all ages welcoming visitors from many parts of the world. We worship on Sundays at 10:45.

Nativity scene at Christmas
St. Michael's Ethiopian Orthodox Church Service

Preparing the Last Supper

Amazing evening as Stephan Smart performs the Gospel of Mark to an audience transported back into early biblical times.

Get you tickets today for I Am Mark a wonderful production of the gospel of Mark narrated by Stephan Smart. At St Andrews tomorrow at 7 pm. There are tickets available on the door.

This is the OK team who make wonderful food on Mondays at St Andrews.

週末天氣好,大家都在修剪花園。路過鄰近一戶人家,門口放了一小箱迷迭香,公益廚房剛好可以用。菜單:迷迭香烤雞(本來有點擔心醃不夠久,不過很入味)、迷迭香烤馬鈴薯、全素燉菜、清炒羽衣甘藍葉和甜心白菜,還變出甜點!昨晚追柏傑頓家族到清晨兩點,今早有點工作,廚房事又多(我已經很久就是出張嘴張羅指揮,沒有戴手套幫雞肉按摩了,連續兩週都落到我頭上),完畢回到今日不克出席幫忙的朋友家搭便車回來,居然十分鐘路程鬼打牆走了半小時。真的累了~😅 My lovely team of international volunteers prepared for OKSC members: 🌿Rosemary chicken 🌿Rosemary potatoes 🌿Fluffy rice 🌿Stir-fried kale, spring green, sweetheart cabbage and red peppers 🌿Vegetable stew 🌿Fruit salad with puff pastry twist and condensed milk With Jasmine Chang 😘

Anna and Benjamin display their artwork in our service yesterday

Training for the new defibrillator we are about to install outside our Church which was led by Joanne from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

The crib is set up and everyone is starting to arrive but the baby has not yet arrived.

Amazing sing with the Broomhall Community Choir and Steel City Choristers on Friday night. Sheffield is proud of its tradition of local carols often sung in the local pubs. And we enjoyed wine and nibbles afterwards


We are pleased to announce that actor Stefan Smart is...

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Unfortunately, we have had to lockdown like everyone else. However...

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