In this section, we keep archives of many of our services. As you browse here, we hope you'll get a flavour of our worship, including the themes we look at, our hymns and our sermons.

Service Date: 27 December, 2015

Worship was led by The Revd. Robert Beard who preached on John ( to-day is dedicated to him)  - the John who wrote the Gospel, the John who wrote the letters and the John who wrote the book of Revelation. Are they one and the same?

Service Date: 25 December, 2015

This was a short family service of carols and readings led by The Revd. Robert Beard. Everyone had been asked to bring an unopened gift with them.

Service Date: 20 December, 2015

The service was a service of music and readings for Advent and Christmas on the theme of angels compiled by our Organist and Choir Master, Douglas Jones. We celebrated the birth of John the Baptist as well as the birth of Jesus.  The Revd. Robert Beard presided. There was no sermon.

Service Date: 13 December, 2015

Worship was led by Professor Clyde Binfield who preached on John Knox, looking at his life from a social, political, historical and theological viewpoint.

Service Date: 6 December, 2015

Worship was led by The Revd. Robert Beard who preached on the Prophets, particularly the pivitol role of John the Baptist.

Service Date: 29 November, 2015

Worship was led by The Revd. Robert Beard. In his sermon he gave an account of  two stories of how St. Andrew's came to be founded. In one, Regulus brought relics of the Saint to Fife and so made the county and the country holy - as do the later relics now resting in the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Edinburgh. During Advent we tend to anticipate the Christmas celebrations instead of using it as a time of spiritual preparation and anticiption. What can we do in every situation in which we find ourselves to bring something of the holy to it?

Service Date: 22 November, 2015

Worship was led by The Revd. Dr. Keith Albans. In his sermon he reminded us that the story of Jesus did not end with his death, resurrection or even ascension, but continues. The church year is a cycle and we repeat that cycle from year to year. The kingship of Jesus was unlike any other.

The hymns reflected not only the kingship of Christ but also  had a strong music theme, marking St. Cecilia's Day.

Service Date: 15 November, 2015

Worship was led by The Revd. Dr. Walter Houston. While our prayers focussed on the recent tragedy in Paris, the main theme of The Revd. Houston's service was the significance and purpose of the physical building of the church. While it is the people who are the real church of God, the building means a great deal to people. Like the Temple for Hannah, mother of Samuel, it is a sacred place where we can open our hearts to God. But buildings do not last and in John's vision of the Holy City and the final coming of God there is no church or temple - God is simply in the world. Now we must ensure that our church buildings are being used to their full advantage for the community and beyond.

Service Date: 8 November, 2015

The service was led by the Revd. Robert Beard who considered the contradiction of remembering the loss of life in world conflicts while we are still sending young men and women to kill and be killed. The process of training as a soldier includes desnsitising. Revd. Beard considered the theme connecting the readings -that the act of giving should be voluntary.

The trumpet playing of Gordon Truman once again enhanced and lifted the service.

Service Date: 1 November, 2015

Worship was led by the Revd. Margaret Herbert who preached on the new covenant with God.


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