In this section, we keep archives of many of our services. As you browse here, we hope you'll get a flavour of our worship, including the themes we look at, our hymns and our sermons.

Service Date: 7 March, 2017

Worship was led by the Revd. Sarah Colver who focussed on verses in John chapter 10. John writes of Jesus describing the work and role of the shepherd and describing himself as the gate, protecting but also allowing access to the wider world of fields and nourishment. How can all people be protected yet allowed to thrive? How can we ensure everyone has abundant life?

Service Date: 30 April, 2017
Service Date: 19 March, 2017

Val Morrison's sermon 

Service Date: 30 April, 2017

Worship was led by Mrs. Jenny Carpenter

Service Date: 23 April, 2017

Worship was led by The Revd. Dr. Keith Albans who preached on Easter Faith. The testimonies of the disciples to Jesus' resurrection are placed in a bigger picture, linking the humanity of Jesus to the divine action and intention of God. The Easter story is one of limitless love, hope and faith and has meaning when we tell it and live it.

Service Date: 16 April, 2017

Worship was led by The Revd. Robert Beard  who preached on the Resurrection. We don't know what actually happened in the tomb between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Some of the people who saw Jesus on or after Easter Day saw, heard and touched a physical being. Others experienced somethng more mystical - a being who disapppeared through walls, who appeared suddenly beside them and could travel great distances very quickly. What matters is that the spirit and message of Jesus continues in us; everytime we respond to human need, Jesus is there.

Service Date: 13 April, 2017

Worship was led by the Revd. Robert Beard and included Communion

Service Date: 9 April, 2017

Worship was led by The Revd. Margaret Herbert

Service Date: 2 April, 2017

Worship was led by The Revd. Robert Beard. Instead of a sermon, after some observations on the readings, the Revd. Beard encouraged a discussion on what inspires and motivates us. This  developed the ideas in the readings of the breath or spirit of God giving life and activating us.

Service Date: 26 March, 2017

Worship was led by the Revd. Robert Beard who preached on the origins of Mothering Sunday , its distinction with Mothers' Day, and the concept of a nurturing church.   Mothering Sunday falls on the Fourth Sunday in Lent, a period of preparation and nurturing. The Early Church developed that Sunday into a celebration in honour of the Mother of Jesus  who provided nurture to pious christians. We to-day are nurtured by Christ and have a reponsibility to nurture in return.

All the women in the congregation were given a spray of daffodils in recognition of their caring and nurturing role.


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