Information about St Andrew’s facilities for hirers

The Church

The Sanctuary is the main part of the church where worship is conducted and we ask that you particularly respect this space.

The chairs are linked together for public safety. When moving chairs please do not drag them across the floor but first lift them to disengage the connecting links on the legs and then move them individually.  Please return them to their original arrangement at the end of your activity.  If you wish to use the organ, please notify the Room Hire Co-ordinator, who will give you the contact details of our organist, with whom you must communicate beforehand.  We would prefer that the organ is not moved, but if you do need to move it, please make sure that wires and cables are not trapped beneath it. Please return the organ carefully to its original position at the end of your activity. If you wish to use the grand piano or the spinet, this also needs to be notified when you confirm your booking. Both musical instruments should be protected at all times. If you need to move the piano, please do so with care and return it carefully to its original position at the end of your activity.  Please ensure that the surrounding chairs are also returned to the position that they occupied before your activity.

The Communion table and the three chairs behind it may be moved with care – the table is particularly heavy and will require at least four able-bodied men to move it off the platform and to the side of the church. Please return the Communion table and the chairs carefully to their original positions at the end of your activity.

Please remove concert flyers, programmes etc. and take them with you for recycling or disposal.

The gallery is not available, as it is used for storage, mainly of musical instruments.

At any major activity in the church (such as the Burns' supper, shown below), notice of the fire exits must be given.  A brochure about fire safety is attached to the hall lobby notice board.  The exits are from the main door accessing the church at the left rear (viewed with your back to the organ), the door at the right rear exiting the building by a fire door on turning to the right. The door to the left of the pulpit allows access to the right and left to fire doors. The two doors at the back of the choir stalls, unlocked with key no. 2 before the event, (which also unlocks the church from the vestry corridor), leads to left and right fire exits through the back corridor.

The lights for the church are controlled at three points.  There is a double switch in the vestry corridor, the switch closer to the church controls the right sided high lights.  The main lights have switches accessed through the right rear door of the church and on the right.  Use the upper row, one also controls the original single side high lights (dual control).  The switch for the choir stall fluorescent lights is located at the back of the choir stall on the left nearest the left rear door.  The high lights should not be switched on and off repeatedly as they take time to respond. 

Disabled access

Access to the hall, along the corridor to the right of the church through the back door, is on a level with the path.  Access from the street, on the same level, may be arranged by having the side iron gate opened beforehand.  This gate, in the wall between no. 80 and the church, is normally locked, except on a Sunday morning. For events a key can be obtained, so that access to the church for a wheelchair can be along the drive of no. 80 and through the gate to the corridor beside the church and hence the back door to the hall.  Way can readily be made through the lobby and by a corridor to the church sanctuary itself.  There can be no parking in no. 80 without explicit permission from the occupiers of those premises.  Contact details are available from the Room Co-ordinator.