Main church entranceSt Andrew’s Church on Upper Hanover St, Sheffield (Map of St Andrew’s location) is one of 10 United Reformed Churches in Sheffield. It is the only one from a former Presbyterian background, which joined Congregational churches in 1972, to become a United Reformed Church

Currently, we have no Minister of our own, but arrange visiting preachers each week.  We have a Worship Group, which also arranges and presides over some services. We have Spring and Autumn Study Groups in the homes of members and an Annual Retreat.


Our Mission, reflecting the strapline on our external blue noticeboard, is;

”To create an environment where people worship and community groups prosper”.

Our Aims are:

1. To create an environment where Christian worship flourishes               

2. To create a welcoming environment where community groups can meet.

Modern and ancient music making

Our Objectives are to:

1. Maintain the building fit for the worshipping communities and group meetings

2. Create facilities that encourage use by community groups

3. Foster a spirit of tolerance by all groups which share our objectives

4. Explore ideas that develop our aims.

Our Values are:  

LOVE – We aim to extend the love of God to everyone.

FAITH – We act in faith to bring about the Kingdom of God  –  love, peace, justice.

IMG_2049FRIENDLINESS – We offer welcome and friendship to people of all backgrounds.

RESPECT – We respect the views and beliefs of all people of goodwill.

TOLERANCE  – We aim to promote tolerance among people of different backgrounds and lifestyle.DSC01306.JPG

CARING – We try to offer appropriate pastoral and practical care to those who come seeking help.

SECURITY – We aim to offer a safe and secure environment to those who use our premises.

COMMUNITY – We aim to offer a positive and constructive contribution to the wider community and its organisations.

RESPONSIBILITY – We aim to act responsibly and to take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.


Judith Adam,  Ian Cooke, Sheila Cooke,  Elizabeth Draper,  Sheila Dunstan (Chair), Margaret Fall.

The Trustees, appointed under the 1861 Trust Deed and responsible to the Charity Commission (No. 237839), are responsible for the governance of the church. They, along with the Management Team and Elders, report to the Church Meeting of all members.

They are responsible for all policies:

Appointment of Trustees Policy, Induction of Trustees policy, Trustee remuneration Policy

Charitable Donations Policy, Complaints policyComplaints procedure, Conflict of Interest Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Pay Policy, Reserves PolicyRisk Management Policy,  Safeguarding Policy, Social Media Policy, Volunteering Policy, Website Privacy Policy, Fire Policy,

Data Protection Policy, Guidelines for GDPR, GDPR Compliance statement

      Financial Controls Policy


Ian Cooke, Sheila Cooke,  Elizabeth Cousley (Treasurer),  James Dickson,  Jean Dickson,  Elizabeth Draper (Church Secretary),  Sheila Dunstan,  Margaret Fall

The Elders are responsible for all spiritual and pastoral care

The Management Team

The Management Team members are:IMG_1823

Linda Callear, Ian Cooke,  Sheila Cooke, Margaret Fall,  John Fall, Monica Hanna

plus the ex officio members: Elizabeth Draper (Church Secretary) and Elizabeth Cousley (Treasurer)

and the co-opted members: Father Tesfa Teferi (St Michael’s Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church), Claire Sidey (Project Buzz), Pastor Jack Kasongo (Jesus for All Nations Church) and  Gashaw Assefa Gezahegn  (St Michael’s)

The Management Team has responsibility for managing the physical church — our buildings and activities within them. 

It works alongside the Elders, taking responsibility for routine business and practical matters. The team works with small ad hoc groups for specific projects giving all church members the opportunity to be involved with the church’s day-to-day business.

We publish a monthly newsletter, the Messenger:Messenger front page

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October, 2018

November, 2018 

December 2018/January 2019

February, 2019