Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost and Remembrance Sunday

Service Date: 12 November, 2017

Worship was led by The Revd. Robert Beard. Cornet player Gordon  Truman contributed the Last Post and Reveille. Organist Douglas Jones arranged descants for the cornet and a closing voluntary for organ and cornet.

In  his sermon the Revd. Beard asked why we remember the fallen of two wars when we are still sending women and men to fight and possibly die on our behalf when time and time again the bible instructs us to live peacibly, as far as we are able. He argued  that believers and non believers alike feel strongly that at times war is a necessary evil while others of both persuasion are resolute pacifists. We need to respect both opinions.


Rejoice and Sing 564  Jesus, Lord, we look to Thee

Rejoice and Sing 705  O God our help in ages past

Rejoice and Sing 762  National Anthem

Common Ground 141  What shall we pray for those who died?

Rejoice and Sing 613  Lord speak to me that I may speak

Rejoice and Sing 1540  O Lord, how shall I meet you?

Rejoice and Sing 433 O thou who camest from above



Joshua chapter 24 1 – 3a and 14 – 25

Psalm 78 verses 1 – 7

Matthew chapter 25 verses 1 – 13

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