In this section, we keep archives of many of our services. As you browse here, we hope you'll get a flavour of our worship, including the themes we look at, our hymns and our sermons.

Service Date: 8 January, 2017

Worship was led by The Revd. Robert Beard who preached on the challenge of living as Christians in an unchristian society. The exiled Jews faced a similar challenge - how to maintain their identity in a society whose beliefs and practices were very different from their own. Isaiah's message gives a vision of what it is to be God's people living in hostile circumstances.

Service Date: 1 January, 2017

The service was planned by the Worship Group. Instead of a sermon the congregation were invitied to discuss where they see the love of God in action, and how they respond.

Service Date: 25 December, 2016

A short service of celebration led by The Revd. Robert Beard. Children and adults  were encouraged to bring an unopened gift to the service. The children presented a short playlette on the theme of bullying.

Service Date: 18 December, 2016

The service was planned by Organist and Choir Master Douglas Jones and the Choir. It consisted of traditional readings, carols and congregational hymns. There was no sermon.

Service Date: 11 December, 2016

Worship was led by the Revd. Robert Beard and Deacon Tesfa Teferi. The Revd. Beard preached on John the Baptist.

Service Date: 4 December, 2016

Worship was led by the Revd. Dr. David Stec. In his sermon the Revd. Stec explored what is dstinctive about how St. Matthew presents John the Baptist in his Gospel. Significantly, Matthew states that Jesus is the longed-for ideal king described in the writings of the prophets; and Matthew believed the John shared with Jesus in the proclamation of the Gospel message.

Service Date: 27 November, 2016

Many friends from the Caledonian Society of Sheffield were present. Worship was led by The Revd. Robert Beard. He preached on St. Triduana who is depicted in the stained glass window in the church depicting St Andrew and St Regulus. She is reputed to have accompanied St Regulus when he brought the bones of St. Andrew to St Andrews in Scotland. She took vows as a Holy Virgin and went to drastic lengths to resist the attentions of the Pictish king Nechtan. We were asked the question - how far would we go, what are we prepared to do, to avoid breaking vows and promises?

Service Date: 20 November, 2016

Worship was led by The Revd. Dr. Walter Houston who preached on the role of leaders and kings and their responsibility to those whom they rule.

Service Date: 13 November, 2016

Worship was led by The Revd.Robert Beard. Our organist and Choir Master Douglas Jones wrote special trumpet descants for the hymns. Gordon Truman, trumpeter, enhanced the service by his playing of The Last Post, Reveille, the descants to the hymns and a wonderful closing voluntary with Douglas for organ and trumpet.

For his sermon the Revd. Beard shared the story of a young man who chose to be a conscientious obejctor in the war. However, his mother reported him and he was sent to Cyprus as a radio engineer. He witnessed appalling atrocities fuelled by the inability to see others as equal humans.

Service Date: 6 November, 2016

Worship was led by  Mrs. Jenny Carpenter who preached on two topics - suffering and difficulties in life are not a case of 'what we deserve' and 'what are heaven and the afterlife like? (or rather, not like !)


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