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Service Date: 22 March, 2008
Stories of people meeting Jesus in the last week of his life were retold (see sermon).
Service Date: 9 March, 2008
The story of the raising of Lazarus was retold.
Service Date: 2 March, 2008
The story of a man born blind who met Jesus was retold.
Service Date: 24 February, 2008
The story of the woman of Samaria who met Jesus at a well was retold.
Service Date: 10 February, 2008
Journeying with God
As you started our journey this morning from the hall back into church, you were given a ticket with the slogan Buy Less - Live More and a Bible reference on it: Mark 10:17-27. It tells the story of someone who wanted to follow Jesus, but found the price of his ticket was just too high: the rich young man who had done everything right all his life, but couldn't face the challenge of walking away from the things he owned - you can look it up at home.
Over the next few weeks we will be hearing stories of other people Jesus met whose lives changed for the better as a result of that meeting: Nicodemus, a Samaritan woman, a man born blind, and Mary, Martha and Lazarus. But today we start off at the beginning of Lent: the time when we remember Jesus'...
Service Date: 3 February, 2008
This service was led by Philip Baiden, a student minister who was sent for training from St Andrew's Church.
Service Date: 27 January, 2008

It's a funny thing about being a student: you move a lot. In the last ten years, I've lived in eight different houses in three countries. But now I've lived here in Sheffield nearly three years, I'm finally starting to feel at home. I have a house, which deserves more cleaning than it gets. I have a garden. I have neighbours whose names I know, whose children are growing up before my eyes. I even have milk delivered to my doorstep. It feels strange, but it feels good to have somewhere to call home. And I'm not the only one for whom having a home is important. Listen to Catherine's story, one of the stories we will hear at the Poverty Hearing at the Broomhall Centre this coming Saturday.
I am a Tutsi from Ruanda educated in Tanzania. I fled to Kenya in 1999 with my 5 yr old son...

Service Date: 20 January, 2008

What's in a name?  I wonder, do any of you have nicknames? Names given by your friends – or maybe by people who don’t like you – that say something about who you are? Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to reveal any of the embarrassing ones!

For some of us, our first name has a meaning of its own, or even several meanings. For instance, I may have said before that my name, Sarah, means ‘princess’. It’s a good name to think of when I want to cheer myself up. But I only discovered recently that the name Sarah has another, darker meaning. Apparently, when I was born, my German great aunt, my grandmother’s sister, said to my mother, Why did you give her a Jewish name? And my mother didn’t know why she said that, because many popular names come from the Hebrew Bible and are...

Service Date: 13 January, 2008
Isaiah 42:1-9 (read by James)

James: Did you get that last bit all right, Sarah? I was trying to read it all out clearly to you from my notes of what he said, so you could make another copy, but I have to admit I’m not always sure what our master Isaiah is getting at. And we’re his disciples! I don’t know what people will make of it in thousands of years’ time.
Sarah: Do you think in thousands of years’ time people will still be interested? Surely the Messiah will have come by then, and our master’s puzzling teachings will be way out of date.

James:Well, we can’t start worrying about what they’ll think of it then. I’m just concerned about what to make of it now. I mean to start with, who is...
Service Date: 6 January, 2008
It's not over yet!
The tree’s down, the presents are unwrapped and put away – Christmas is over. Or is it? Imagine how the wise men might feel on their arrival in Bethlehem. They’ve been travelling for months, with nothing but a star and their belief in God to guide them. They’ve gone far away from the countries they know, from the customs and language and food of home, from the places where people know and respect them. They’ve set off a royal time-bomb in Herod’s palace, where a paranoid monarch is preparing to get rid of anyone who might want to tip him off his throne. And now they’ve finally got to Bethlehem.

And what do they find? No new-born baby in a manger;...


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