Second Sunday of Easter

Service Date: 
23 April, 2017

Worship was led by The Revd. Dr. Keith Albans who preached on Easter Faith. The testimonies of the disciples to Jesus' resurrection are placed in a bigger picture, linking the humanity of Jesus to the divine action and intention of God. The Easter story is one of limitless love, hope and faith and has meaning when we tell it and live it.


Rejoice and Sing 236   Come, ye faithful people, come

Common Ground 46  Haven't you heard that Jesus is risen

Common Ground 150  You show your friends

Rejoice and Sing 244 O sons and daughters (part 2)

Rejoice and Sing 260  Christ is alive!



Acts chapter 2 verses 14a and 22 - 32

First letter of Peter chapter 1 verses 3 - 9

John chapter 20 verses 19 - 31