Second Sunday in Lent

Service Date: 
25 February, 2018

Worship was led by The Revd. Margaret Herbert who preached on the anticipation of Lent, and the anticipation by the Jews of the long-promised Messiah who would establish God's reign over the nations.But Jesus preached a different story - he spoke of rejection, suffering and death. Anyone who wants to follow him must take up the cross. Do we have the faith of Abraham and Sarah to travel into the unknown, metaphorically as well as literally, trusting in God and his promise? God's love is given to us in a new relationship. During Lent can we follow Christ and play our part in easing the suffering around us?


Rejoice and Sing 121  The God of Abraham praise

Rejoice and Sing 553  To Abraham and Sarah

Rejoice and Sing 558  Will you come and follw me

Rejoice and Sing 217  When I survey the wondrous cross



Genesis chapter 17 verses 1 - 7 and 15 - 16

Mark chapter 8 verses 31 - 38

Romans chapter 4 verses 13 - 25

Psalm 22 verses 23 - 31