Transfiguration Sunday

Service Date: 
11 February, 2018

Worship was led by The Revd. Canon Adrian Alker who also introduced the themes of Racial Justice and Church Action on Poverty alongside the main theme of transfiguration. Just as Elijah ascended, so we need to descend where we see lives disfigured, even as we long for the transfiguration of our world. Jesus never promised an easy task; we need to fight again and again. But, every act of compassion which we carry out is moving the world nearer to that transfigured sate.


Rejoice and Sing 203  How good, Lord, to be here!

Rejoice and Sing 587  Behold the amazing gift of love

Rejoice and Sing 492 Dear Lord and Father of mankind

Rejoice and Sing 575 God of mercy, God of grace



Second book of Kings chapter 2 verses 1 - 12

Second letter to the Corinthians chapter 4 verses 3 - 6

Mark chapter 9 verses 2 - 9