Second Sunday in Advent

Service Date: 
10 December, 2017

Worship was led by Mrs. Jenny Carpenter who preached on ''What Advent stands for.'' We explored six attributes of Advent as represented by the letters in the word.

A stands for Attentiveness; D stands for Diligence; V stands for Vigilance; E stands for Expectant; C stands for Cherishing; T stands for Trusting. These attributes are important in our daily lives and if we adopt them we will experience a good Advent.


Rejoice and Sing 128  The Lord will come and not be slow

Rejoice and Sing 704 Lord, Thy heart in love hath yearned (from Psalm 85)

Rejoice and Sing 552  the King of love my Shepherd is

Rejoice and Sing 133  How beauteous are the feet

Rejoice and Sing 656  Lo! He comes with clouds descending



Second letter of Peter chapter 3, verses 8 - 15a

Malcolm Guite's Sonnet ''Mark''

Mark chapter 1, verses 1 - 8