First Sunday after Christmas

Service Date: 
31 December, 2017

Worship was led by The Revd. Margaret Herbert  who spoke of the real joy of Christmas - the love and hope given in Jesus. Simeon and Anna expressed that joy and saw hope in the young Jesus. While we live in a dark world we must not forget that Jesus too was born into a world where there was war, cruelty and suffering. We have a task to do in our world to show that God is with us and trust the future to Him


Common Ground 21 Christ be our light

Rejoice and Sing 175 Lo, how a rose is growing

Common Ground 143 We lay our broken world

Rejoice and Sing 178 Who would think that what was needed

Rejoice and Sing 190 Let earth and heaven combine



Isaiah chapter 61 verses 10 - 11 and chapter 62 verses 1 - 3

Luke chapter 2 verses 22 - 40

Galatians chapter 4 verses 4 - 7

Psalm 148