As you may be aware, the pianos in the church and hall have recently been changed. Douglas and Alan  witnessed how it was done.

First, the large 9’ Chappell grand was removed from the church. This was the hardest part of the whole operation because of the weight of the piano:

Then onto its side. The remaining legs were removed. Then lifted onto a special trolley, manoeuvred out of the church via the north-west door, along the front path to the south passage, back towards the hall and through the disabled gate. Then onto the van which was waiting in the car park next door.

The new piano was erected in a reverse procedure and placed on its ‘A’ Frame which was specially adapted by Dave Kenyon of Rotherham Piano Centre and subsequently painted by Alan.

Then off to the hall to repeat the operation with the Ronisch piano. This time a protective shoe was fitted to the side of the piano to prevent damage occurring during the move. It was almost dark by the time we got this piano through the gate and onto the van.

Dave Kenyon kindly supplied us with a replacement piano for the hall. As you can see it is quite a nice Bechstein. We needed a smaller piano in the hall after the new cupboards were built. Here is Alan enjoying playing it!

Thanks to Dave and his son, Andrew, and to Alan for helping make this all happen smoothly in time for Christmas.

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