60-second Sermon BBC Radio Sheffield 12th December 2010

Snow slows us down. Just as we were poised to post presents and prepare for parties, snow came down and slowed us down.
Some people decided this was a time to sledge and snowball. Others more cautiously stayed put, relying for supplies on family or neighbours. Some carried on regardless, inching along icy roads; getting into school or work late, leaving early. But, one way or another, snow slowed all of us down.
And maybe, though inconvenient, that's not inappropriate. For though almost certainly Jesus was not born in the bleak midwinter - sorry about that, Christina Rossetti - his mother Mary must have found preparing to bear a child slowed her down. Like us, struggling in the snow, she had to give her full attention to the here and now, for safety's sake, and not to miss out on any of it.
So, as we prepare to resume the dash through December, let's not forget how it feels to slow down and live with care and wonder; for it's in the small everyday details as well as the big celebrations that we too will find God, with us.

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