60-second sermon for BBC Radio Sheffield, 20th December 2009

Sixty-Second Sermon
Getting ready for Christmas; don't you just love it?
Will you find the must-have go-go hamster in time?
Will anyone eat their sprouts?
Will your nerves survive the family gathering?
Who's going to pay for it all?
On the first Christmas Day it was quite different.
Dressed all in blue, Mary cradles her smiling newborn son, watched devotedly by dewy-eyed cattle and respectful rustics, while alleluiaing angels hover overhead.
Oh yeah?
Well, maybe on the planet Krypton.
But Christians believe that, amazingly, God chose to become human, not Superman. So let's add a bit of realism here.
A teenage mother exhausted after a long journey and her first child. A man who's not quite sure where he fits in. And cattle and rustics alike making the stable's atmosphere much more ripe than romantic.
Two thousand years ago, and now, real life, not a cleaned-up nativity tableau, is where God comes to find us.
So in the middle of all our memories, relationships, hopes and fears,
let's keep an eye out this Christmas for
moments of peace,
moments of joy,
moments of love:
God's gifts to us all.

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