Quilting Remembrance

URCs in Sheffield are being encouraged to contribute to commemorations of the First World War:

Gwen Smithies (a retired Church-Related Community Worker or CRCW) and Lisa Wigfield (a CRCW student) are working with churches across Sheffield to commemorate the First World War. Along with quilting and sewing projects some people are looking at family and social history all of which will be a part of the exhibition during 2015.

One section of the booklet will be dedicated to the fallen church members who served in the Great War. As we remember these brave people, particularly in November, members are asked to recall and contribute any particular stories or memories of these service men and women. These could be memories of their families, involvement at church or in the community. Gwen and Lisa believe these memories are central to the project and form an important part of this act of remembrance.  They are happy to visit each church, to listen to and record these memories which will be included in the booklet.

Churches are also being asked to provide a list of names, regiments, etc. for those commemorated by our war memorials.  (Elizabeth Draper, Church Secretary for St Andrews, is providing the list of names but would appreciate any assistance with regimental information or other details.)  These will be put together both in written format and creatively on fabric and incorporated into the quilts. 

Gwen and Lisa are keen to involve as many people as possible.  If anyone would like to be involved in any way, Elizabeth Draper can provide contact details (see our contact page), or you can write to: 12 Keppel Road, Sheffield, S5 0TW.

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