60-Second-Sermon - Radio Sheffield 20th September 2009

The students are coming, hurrah, hurrah! I bet that's what you're thinking as traffic jams thicken and night-time noise levels rise. Many people who see students as the lowest form of life have children at college. But of course that's different.
I used to know an old lady who thought black people should go back where they came from - and she didn't mean Birmingham. But not the Nigerians next door, who helped with her shopping. They were her neighbours. And that was quite different.
One of my favourite stories about Jesus is when a foreign woman wanted him to heal her daughter, and he said no and called her a dog. ‘But even dogs eat the crumbs from the family table!' she retorted. Suddenly, she wasn't the lowest of the low, but a human being needing his help. And that was different.
Jesus healed her daughter. He had learned from his experience. I hope we can, whether or not we're labelled as students.

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