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Cuts for disabled people will have a 'devastating effect' says charity Livability

A survey by Christian disability charity Livability shows that the removal of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for disabled people in care homes will have a devastating impact on their lives.

Livability surveyed the residents and staff of its UK care homes. It found that:

* 92 per cent of residents would have their quality of life affected: many would become prisoners of their care home as they can no longer afford the specialist transport they need, such as powered wheelchairs, accessible taxis and mobility cars

Welfare proposals fail to take account of the reality of poverty, say Churches

The United Reformed Church, together with five other Christian organisations, has warned that the Government's welfare proposals unveiled today - 11 November - are based on a lack of understanding of the poor. They argue that constructive reforms are at risk of being lost under a wave of punitive measures and cost-cutting.

Young, Jewish and Proud

To go alongside Muslim and Christian voices for peace and reconciliation, here's a Jewish contribution:

The Young Jewish Declaration

A vision of collective identity, purpose and values written by and for young Jews committed to justice in Israel and Palestine. It is an invitation and call to action for both our peers and our elders, launched as a counter-protest at the 2010 Jewish Federation General Assembly in New Orleans.

I. we exist.

Syriac Catholic Murders in Baghdad: Christian-Muslim Forum response

As the Presidents of the Christian Muslim Forum we condemn the attack
on the Syriac Catholic Church in Bahgdad on 31 October which resulted
in the deaths of at least 46 worshippers, including priests. We
strongly emphasise that any attack on Christians or any innocent
people is not condoned by Islam, the Qur'an or the example of the
Prophet Muhammad. In fact, Islamic teaching safeguards the rights and
security both of the innocent and of places of worship. The terrorists
who committed these murders do not act or speak for Islam and should

The Future of St Silas' Church, Broomhall

Around 2006, Sheffield YMCA acquired St Silas, which had been closed, with the intention of converting it into a community resource, supporting a medical practice, dentist, pharmacy and opticians, as well as a worship area and function rooms. It was to be an integral component of Sheffield Council's ambitious multi-million plans for Broomhall that have unfortunately lapsed. As a consequence, Sheffield YMCA has refocused its work and St Silas is again up for sale.

What would you say if you had a minute with David Cameron or Nick Clegg?

Have a look at some possible answers at, an initiative of the Joint Public Issues group of the Baptists, the Methodists and the United Reformed Church in the UK. And why not join the conversation and add your own minute's worth?

Stacie... does that name ring a bell?

One of our former members, Anastasia Armsworth, went back to the States last year, but we're still in touch. Now Stacie has sent us a link to her newly-discovered ability to play handbells in church. Maybe next time she's over she can give us a demonstration... or maybe not, if handbells are considered dangerous weapons on the plane? Anyway, in the meantime, follow this link and marvel!

Reform goes online

Check out the new online all-singing, all-dancing Reform magazine at - and then get your own paper copy by subscription at church!

New Moderators, new ministries

Two men, both well known in URC circles, have been chosen as moderators-elect of the General Assembly. Mr Lawrence Moore, director of the Windermere Centre, and the Revd Dr Michael Jagessar, the URC's secretary for racial justice and multicultural ministry, will take up the mantle of moderator of General Assembly at the General Assembly of 2012 and each promise to bring something fresh and different to the denomination.


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