The Kitchen


The kitchen has just been refurbished.  It has new cupboards and a new floor.  There are two electric ovens, a warming cabinet, a small microwave and a dishwasher. There is a hatch which can be opened to allow service to the hall (centre of upper photograph). 


Although electric kettles are available, there is a water heater with a timer (to the left of the hatch) and continuous hot water is available after 20 minutes.  The switch for the heater is beside the timer; when the time setting has expired a flashing, red alert light is activated and can be extinguished by resetting the timer or switching off the power supply at the adjacent powerpoint. 

 The cupboards have settings for 100 and comprise plates, cups and saucers, mugs and glasses. Cutlery and cooking implements are in the large drawers below the hatch.  Cooking pots are available, but are not left out and need to be requested. Hot water is separately available at the sink.  Tea towels are not provided.  If those present are used, they should be washed and returned.  The deep freeze should not be used as provisions for the Friday morning Broomhall Breakfasts are stored in there.



The instructions for the dishwasher are on the wall above and the tablets in the adjacent cupboard. There is a trolley in front of the ovens for moving hot dishes to the hatch.

The door on the left is to the sluice, where cleaning equipment, brooms, brushes and a mop and bucket are stored.