Conditions of Hire

ST. ANDREW'S UNITED REFORMED CHURCH FACILITIES, SHEFFIELD INFORMATION AND CONDITIONS OF HIRE Bookings (1) Applications for hire of facilities are to be made by telephone or e-mail to the Room Hire Co-ordinator, Prof. Ian Cooke, at 0114 262 0718 or i.d.cooke [at] (2) Arrangements are made by e-mail each quarter for regular bookings (Jan-March, April–June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec, all inclusive). A template for bookings for the next 3 months for rooms, days and times will be sent about 2 weeks before the end of the quarter and is to be returned before the end of the quarter so that arrangements can be co-ordinated and the heating, if appropriate, can be set. About two weeks after the start of the quarter, an account will be sent electronically to regular users for the preceding quarter, thus paying a quarter in arrears. Payment can be made by cheque to the Room Hire Co-ordinator at the address on the account and made out to “St Andrew’s United Reformed Church”. Alternative arrangements can be made for internet transfer upon request by regular users. (3) For single event use, the fee will be determined at the time the arrangement is made and can be paid by cheque or cash at the time the key is collected, usually during the week before the event at a mutually convenient time. On that occasion the opportunity will be taken to familiarise the user with safety features, the fire alarm system, the security system and any cooking/refreshment facilities required. A receipt in acknowledgement can be issued electronically if requested. At the conclusion of the event, for single event users, after locking the door, the key/s must be returned by putting them into the locked letterbox in the door through which access to the building has been gained. (4) All groups should undertake a risk management assessment of their activities in the church facilities. A list of criteria is given together with a worked example on the church website at . The person booking the event should be able to send a copy of the assessment to the Room Hire Co-ordinator on request. (5) The heating will be set a week in advance during cold weather, so any changes in booking need to be advised well in advance. Sometimes the heating is not optimal; if that occurs, please do not alter the thermostat or the boiler controls, otherwise it distorts the planned programme for others and incurs charges from plumbers to correct the alterations. If there is a problem, please enter the comment in the red book on top of the lobby pigeonholes (Praise and Grumble/incident book) or e-mail or telephone the Room Hire Co-ordinator or the Administrator (07944 531073). (6) If you wish to use the organ or piano please inform the Room Hire Co-ordinator, so that appropriate arrangements can be made about access. Please do not touch the organ console or the surrounding switches. Keys (7) The key/s are obtained from the Room Hire Co-ordinator and must be returned at the conclusion of the event or series of events as described in 3) above. Responsibilities (8) The person making the booking is presumed to be the hirer or, when a booking is made on behalf of an organisation, that organisation is presumed to be the hirer and is jointly responsible with the person making the booking. (9) The hirer is responsible for the personal conduct of his/her party at all times while on church premises. The times booked should be observed. If earlier entry is desired, to decorate or to prepare food, then advance enquiry must be made to ensure that the earlier time of entry does not impinge on an earlier user. Similarly, the time of completion should be observed so as not to compromise the starting time of a subsequent user. If extended times are required, this should be discussed at initial booking. (10) The hirer should have Public Liability Insurance for events of more than a small number of persons, and must be able produce that certificate on demand. In general our public liability insurance only covers events organised by the church. (11) Evening functions should finish at 11.30pm, so tidying up can be completed and the premises vacated quietly so as not to cause nuisance to adjacent residents. Tables are stored in the central cupboard at the back of the hall, secured by a digital lock. Other tables are stored under the stairs at the back of the church beside the audio console. The combination should be obtained from the Room Hire Co-ordinator. The cupboard is secured to prevent children entering the cupboard. Users should keep the cupboard secure so as to prevent such access. After use, the table legs should be folded and the tables stacked and secured in the cupboard in their original position and chairs should also be stacked in their original position with not more than 6 in a stack. Some may be in the cupboard and some may be stacked in the hall itself. If specific numbers of chairs are required for an event, this should be notified in advance to the Room Hire Co-ordinator. Relevant keys or combination should be arranged at the time of booking. (12) The church is available for functions. The children’s area may be used, but must be left tidy after use. If musical instruments have spikes, they should be stood on a carpet to prevent damage to the floor. If the drums are played they should be returned to and left tidily in the corner. There should be no eating in the church unless this has previously been arranged with the Room Hire Co-ordinator. The chancel (the raised area around the choir stalls) and pulpit are out of bounds to all users. (13) The room/s used should be cleaned after the event and all furniture replaced as it was before the event. Photographs showing room layouts are being generated and will be displayed in the respective rooms. Cleaning equipment is available in the sluice room, which opens on to the kitchen. There are brooms and mops labelled for specific areas. If the cookers are used, they should be cleaned appropriately, particularly the hobs. Abrasive scouring pads should not be used. You may use the church crockery and cutlery and these may be washed in the dishwasher, but you must wait until the cycle has finished and return the crockery to its correct cupboards. If tea towels are to be used, it would be best to bring your own. If the kitchen ones are used, they should be washed and returned as soon as possible. For large events such as parties or weddings a deposit of £40 may be required to ensure that adequate cleaning has been carried out. Failure to leave the venue clean and tidy will result in forfeit of the deposit to enable adequate cleaning to be effected. No confetti, fireworks or open flames should be used. (14) A strict no smoking rule applies throughout the church premises. (15) There shall be no misuse of alcohol or drugs on the Church premises. Although alcohol may be consumed on the premises it may not be sold unless a licence has been obtained from Sheffield City Council for a fee of £21. Obtaining a licence requires 10 clear working days. Details of the application can be found at: The licence should be available for inspection at the event. (16) The hirer must not use additional lighting, portable electrical equipment or extension cabling, unless the equipment has been Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) by a competent person within the last 12 months and labelled as such with details of the owner and the date of PAT testing. Any equipment stored on the premises by regular users will be tested each January and must be similarly labelled. Each group must make its equipment available on the specified day as arranged by the Administrator, Deacon Tesfa Teferi, who should be contacted to make that arrangement. A fee of £1 is charged by the testing company for each item of equipment checked. A dated certifying label is then applied to each item. (17) The hirer must not fix cabling or appliances, nails, tacks, screws, sticky tape or Blu-tack to the fabric of the building in any room without the consent of the Room Hire Co-ordinator. (18) The hirer must not use the driveway or back yard of the property next door, the accounting firm, AIMS, 80 Upper Hanover Street, to park or unload goods other than to drop off or pick up disabled passengers. Special arrangements may be made directly with AIMS for large functions. The wall gate is licensed for disabled access only. It is normally locked and the need for access should be discussed in advance. If there is a need to deliver materials before an event, please contact the Room Hire Co-ordinator. Kitchen (19) If the kitchen is used, food hygiene must always be upheld and all food must be removed from the refrigerator in the garden room and from the premises at the end of the hire period. A First Aid box is in the kitchen and accidents should be recorded in the accompanying book. The refrigerator in the kitchen is for the sole of BUZZ. If windows are opened please check they are closed when you leave. All doors in the building should be closed and never jammed open. (20) The hirer/user of the kitchen must be at least 16 years of age, and must always obey the kitchen rules, as displayed there. (21) As there is limited rubbish bin capacity and the bins are only emptied every fortnight, users should remove all rubbish, particularly unused food and disposable containers. If you opt to use disposable plates etc then you must take them away with you. Black bags are available in the corner pull-out- cupboard in the kitchen. Filled bags should be removed by users and not left beside the bins, as they will not be removed by Veolia, the waste disposal company. The lids of the bins must always be closed, for the same reason. Do not out break up large wooden, cardboard or plastic containers and place them in the bins, as they fill the bins disproportionately, preventing use by others. Security (22) The hirer must be responsible for the security of the premises while they are present, including keeping the outside door to the lobby locked. It is a fire exit door and is readily opened from the inside using the handle. In the past security has been compromised by outsiders entering and taking belongings or hiding in the building. The hall fire escape door and the door at the end of the long corridor are both alarmed and should not be opened except in an emergency. A CCTV system is in use and activities are recorded. A sharps bin is kept in the cupboard in the committee room. (23) The hirer must acquaint him/herself with the Fire and Emergency Instructions, as displayed in the Hall lobby, with fire extinguisher positions and with the location of the evacuation assembly point and ensure that the fire exits remain unobstructed. The fire extinguishers must not be moved. (24) The hirer must appoint a number of stewards on the basis of the rooms’ maximum occupancy: Room Maximum number of persons Stewards Church 200 4 Hall 100 2 Kitchen (when used for cooking) 10 1 Committee room 15 1 Garden room 15 1 (25) The hirer must, at the beginning of each hire session, instruct the stewards and users about the location of the emergency exits, the position of the fire extinguishers, the location of the assembly point and the general outline of the emergency procedures, as in the Fire and Emergency Procedure Instructions, which are in the Hall lobby on top of the pigeonholes adjacent to the control panel for the fire alarm system. Users should make themselves familiar with the system as described in the adjacent laminated document linked to the large red plastic key for controlling the alarm. Regular users should hold a fire alarm drill every 6 months and document this in the red book on top of the pigeonholes. After use (26) The hirer must lock the premises securely after use as demonstrated. The toilets have movement activated lights; as have the rear stairs to the balcony: the hirer must see that all other lights are switched off. Adjacent to the side door there is a dual switch controlling the light above the external door and one at the far corner of the church building. The corresponding switch is at shoulder height at that front corner of the church going toward the road and illuminates the side passage on leaving the building. It is a rocker switch, which will turn off the two lights. There is a higher, motion-activated light, which cannot be switched off, but turns off automatically after a short period in the absence of activity. Complaints (27) Any complaint should be recorded in the red book on top of the lobby pigeonholes, so that it can be further considered. A satisfaction survey is distributed to all users at intervals and feedback would be appreciated. (28) The Church is not responsible for the theft, loss or damage of any property brought onto the premises by the hirer or any other person. (29) Any items left Iying around will be removed and discarded after a fortnight. Please let the Room Hire Co-ordinator know of any problems. Thank you for your interest and activity.