Great URC hymn-writer dies

Fred Kaan, one of the great hymnwriters of the twentieth century and a minister of the United Reformed Church in Britain, has died at the age of 80. He passed away in the early hours of Sunday 4 October 2009.
Kaan's hymns are found in most Protestant English language hymn books. Among the best-known are ‘For the healing of the nations' and ‘ Now let us from this table rise'.

Christian-Muslim Forum leader Musharraf Hussain condemns persecution of Christians in Pakistan

Mr Hussain writes:

Back to 11.00am in September

After our summer of beginning worship at 10.30am, from September we will be reverting to the previous time of 11am. Our November church meeting will discuss whether we would like to leave the beginning of worship permanently at 11am, change it permanently to 10.30am, start earlier in summer (June-August) or during British Summer Time (April-October). Do come and give your views!

Broomhall Breakfast finds fame at last!

From the Sheffield Star of Wednesday, June 17th, 2009:
Projects by a Sheffield church and mosque to help disadvantaged people have been highlighted in a regional report.
The Broomhall Breakfast at St Andrew's United Reformed Church which provides food for the destitute and work done by the Masjid E Umar mosque, on Barnsley Road, are among initiatives showing 'grace and generosity'.

Ethical Guidelines for Christian and Muslim Witness in Britain

Here is food for thought from a national organisation, the Christian Muslim Forum:
As members of the Christian Muslim Forum we are deeply committed to our own faiths (Christianity and Islam) and wish to bear faithful witness to them. As Christians and Muslims we are committed to working together for the common good. We recognise that both communities actively invite others to share their faith and acknowledge that all faiths have the same right to share their faith with others.

Don't be late for church!

For the months of June, July and August we will be beginning worship at St Andrew's at 10.30am rather than 11am. Unwary worshippers may find themselves entering at 11am just before or just after the sermon, with no idea as to what has led up to it; while this may enliven a boring sermon, it is not generally recommended.

President Obama: 'We need to live together as one human family'

This was the core of Obama's recent address to the Notre Dame Catholic University in the US, a controversial event because of his attitude to abortion:

We must find a way to live together as one human family.

It is this last challenge that I'd like to talk about today. For the major threats we face in the 21st century - whether it's global recession or violent extremism, the spread of nuclear weapons or pandemic disease - do not discriminate. They do not recognize borders. They do not see color. They do not target specific ethnic groups.

Churches urge sustainability and social justice on G20 leaders

1. Churches in the UK have had the opportunity to reflect theologically and practically on some of the underlying causes and impacts of the global economic crisis at various conferences, seminars and synod debates over the past few months. Based on these reflections, we believe that we have an important contribution to make to the current debate on the reordering of global economic relationships from our Christian faith perspective.

Free Churches seek bold G20 action on economy and climate

Leaders of the Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Churches have challenged the G20 heads of government, meeting in London next week, to show "real leadership" and ensure that solutions to the current economic crisis lead to action on global warming.

They want the G20 nations to grasp the opportunity for investment in new technology which will save energy and reduce carbon output. In particular, they are urging the richer nations to agree generous support for developing countries, so they can afford the initiatives they need to take.

Yorkshire church leaders speak out on debt in society

At 1pm on Wednesday 25 February 2009, church leaders from across West Yorkshire came together to make a public statement on debt in society.

Many churches across the county are engaged in supporting the victims of unemployment, especially those who are struggling with debt. Emphasising the Christian responsibility for generosity, the church leaders focused on three issues:
* The Christian tradition of compassion and justice for people in need


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